Views of the Lake!


Gorgeous renovation. Lake & mountain views. This home is situated on a private exclusive road “El Chico”. Two master suites and high quality flooring throughout. New drywall and paint. Open floor plan. Features include a beautiful kitchen with 5 star VIKING appliances, granite counter tops in kitchen & all bathrooms, ocean breezes, an oversize garage, and oversized rooms. Walk-in closet even has a shoe rack! Lots of storage in this home and its low maintenance inside and out.

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FHA Approved Downtown San Diego Condos – Benefits and Advantages


All FHA Approved Downtown San Diego Condos for Sale – CLICK HERE

Benefits and Advantages of Using an FHA Loan:

  • Low down payments as low as 3.5%, they make home ownership very affordable for many would be home buyers.
  • FHA loans are possible for borrowers with “less than perfect” credit.
  • Lower FICO scores than conventional loans are generally accepted.
  • An FHA loan is possible after only 2-3 years following a bankruptcy or foreclosure in some cases.
  • Interest rates are essentially the same as a conventional loan.  The monthly mortgage insurance premium is far less than you would pay on a conventional loan.
  • Debt ratios for borrowers may be higher than what is accepted on a conventional loan.

List of all FHA Approved Downtown San Diego Condos Here

Selling Your San Diego Home or Condo Made Easy

There is so much information regarding how to sell San Diego Real Estate available.  It can be near impossible to know where to start.  Quick video guide to assist you for planning your home or condo sale and knowing where the focus points should be when selling your home or condo.

Major focus points:

  • Price
  • Presentation
  • Marketing

Please see my dedicated guide to selling San Diego real estate for more details and tips on how to get the most money for your home or condo sale.  It isn’t enough that the market is on the ups.  I see it time and time again.  Sellers taking the first offer, sellers taking a shaky offer, sellers taking an offer and leaving 5k, 10k, and up on the table.  Don’t let that happen to you.  Watch the video, then visit this link for more tips and tricks for selling your San Diego home or condo.

Questions?  Comments?  Please send them my way.  Let’s talk San Diego real estate!

Multiple Offers are Back: Tips to Win Bidding Wars

Multiple offers are here and the bidding wars are back!  This is great for sellers, not so great for buyers.  From Downtown San Diego Condos to Pacific Beach town-homes and La Jolla homes, the competition has really heated up.

This can be attributed to three main drivers:

Interest rates remain low for home loans, the inventory of real estate currently listed for sale is minimal at best, and prices remain very affordable, especially relative to their peaks in 2007.  The end result is a lot of buyers wanting to buy coupled with very little options to choose from.  It is not unusual right now to see a properly positioned home or condo receive between 12 – 30 offers!

Not to despair, multiple offer bidding wars can and are won on a daily basis.  These are my suggestions below.  You do not need to use all 12 but pick a few and you will be in escrow on your Downtown San Diego or Coastal home before you know it.

1)    Offer Asking Price or More –  If the home or condo is priced right, offer by 3 to 10% more.

2)    Find Out the Seller’s Needs – A specific title company?  A rent back?  A longer escrow?  This can go a long way in certain situations.  Especially in Downtown San Diego were many condos are second homes or investment properties.

3)    Read All Existing Inspections and Reports – There may be a chance to remove certain contingencies here.  After reading these seller documents, sign, acknowledge date, and include a receipt for reports form.  The less red tape for the seller, the better your offer will look.

4)    Pay for Seller’s Fees – Such as Escrow Fees, Natural Hazards Disclosure, Pest Inspections, Smoke Detectors, Water Heater Bracing, and Carbon Monoxide Detector.  Refrain from asking for a Home Warranty.

5)    Write a Personalized Letter to the Seller – Introduce yourself and your family.  Tell the seller why you like the house.  Maybe even include a picture or a short video clip.

6)    Include all Pre-Approval Forms – Such as the Pre-Approval Letter (a full DU Approval is preferred), source of Down Payment and Closing Costs funds.  Demand your lender to call the Listing Agent to tell them what a great buyer you are!  For Downtown San Diego condos, have your lender assure the listing agent they can finance the particular building.  This is a big tip, circle or highlight it!

7)    Increase Your Deposit Amount – Increase your deposit by 10 or 20% as a good faith deposit and sign the liquidated damages provision.   Even in the unlikely event escrow had to be canceled after your contingency period is over, you’re capped at 3% unless you documentation stating otherwise.  This has been an especially powerful technique in the La Jolla coastal market.

8)    Confirm Physical State or Purchase As-Is  – If the seller is going to look at offers on a certain day, do the physical inspection, then write the offer without the Physical Inspection Contingency.  Or potentially write the offer to purchase “as-is”.  This simply means if an unforeseen inspection item does arise, you either remedy the item(s) as the purchaser or you may decide to walk as your contingencies are still in place.

9)    Write Without Appraisal – This is powerful.  If you have 20% down, and you have some extra cash in the bank, write the offer without the Appraisal Contingency.  The seller is assured you will move forward even if the house does not appraise.

10)    Buy For Cash – If you have the cash, write the offer for cash!  Get your loan during the Escrow period, or after Escrow is closed.  Although keep in mind over 30% of real estate purchases are for cash so cash alone does not eliminate your competition.

11)    Fix All Errors on Contracts – This seems like a no-brainer but not to be taken lightly.  Check spelling, no cross outs, clean it up!  The contract must look like a professional put it together.  A listing agent will see a contract with errors and mistakes and think this is a sign of things to come and a rocky escrow at best.

12)    Meet With the Sellers – This is not always possible but a huge advantage if the option is there.  If your offer is close to another offer, the sellers will have made a connection with you and may choose you



New Real Estate Video Tour at Horizons in The Marina District in Downtown San Diego 92101

Just finished my latest real estate video tour in Downtown San Diego Condo series.  The real estate video tour is on location at Horizons in The Marina District in Downtown San Diego.  Please check it out below.  Also, visit my dedicated website portal where you can read about the details at Horizons and see all the condos for sale at Horizons.

I am very happy with the quality of the condo video tour.  As always, I wanted to deliver to you a video tour experience as if you are touring Horizons in person.  Several features that I really think make Horizons stand out and to look out for in the video are the massive water feature in the central courtyard, the luxury style pool and aquatic area, and the commercial size fitness facility.

Prices start in the mid $400k range and go up into the millions depending on square footage, floor level, views, etc.  Horizons is modern and sophisticated.  Amenities include pool, spa, fitness center, several community break out rooms, pool table, full concierge and security, and guest parking available on a first come first serve basis.  Guest parking is very hard to find in Downtown San Diego, a huge plus for any guests you might have.


Living at Horizons is true luxury style living in Downtown San Diego.  If you are in the market for a Downtown San Diego condo, make sure to include Horizons at the top of your list.


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2013 February Downtown San Diego Real Estate and Condo Market Report


February 2013 closed out with a huge bang for Downtown San Diego Condo sales.  We ended up with 63 total sales (per Multiple Listing Service).

  • 50 sales were regular sales.
  • 11 were short sales.
  • 2 were foreclosure sales.

That’s right, only 2 foreclosures sales closed in February!   My advice to any Downtown San Diego Condo shoppers looking for a bargain:  Do not pursue foreclosures as that train has left the station my friends!  Shadow inventory?  Not going to happen.  The banks are systematically and slowly bring homes to market.  They did not become billion dollar+ size banks by being stupid.  They control the market and they know it.  A massive shadow inventory home drop is just not going to happen.

The highest sale was for $2,145,ooo at Pinnacle in The Marina District.  This 3 bedroom penthouse style condo had been on market 420 days.  The lowest sale closed at Acqua Vista in Little Italy for $159,000.  It was a 431 sq ft studio that actually sold before being entered on the Multiple Listing Service system.  It was an “Unlisted Property” sale.  The Average sales price for Downtown San Diego Condo sales was $455,326 and at 70 days on market.  The Mark in East Village had the most sales for the month at 5!  It is important to note the the market for Downtown San Diego Condos positioned correctly and under $600,000 is on fire!  Sellers can expect top market dollar and just days on market if positioned correctly.

What All Brokers Should Be Doing to Sell Downtown San Diego Condos for Top Dollar!

What to expect going forward:  The inventory levels for Downtown San Diego Condos is still very low under the $600,000 marker.  Expect bidding wars and multiple offers to increase as the inventory levels continue to drop and more buyers enter the market.

Frustrated Trying To Find a Downtown San Diego Condo?  Try This

Prices will continue to increase slowly but steadily for the foreseeable future.

Questions?  Comments?  Please send them my way!

Condo Litigation (SB 800) Impacts Sellers /Buyers in Downtown and Coastal San Diego Condos


Downtown San Diego Condo Litigation (or Pre Litigation called SB 800) can impact buying or selling condos in the city or near the coast.  Specifically, we are talking about SB 800 “right to repair” and full construction litigation.  In most cases, there is a 4 – 10 year time frame to pursue any type of remedy or settlement(s) in regard to construction type  issues such as plumbing, electrical, drainage, etc…  This 4 – 10 year time line usually starts from project completion date.

We are seeing many condos in litigation in Downtown San Diego currently as many were built and completed in the real estate boom years from year 2000 through year 2007.  Expect to see construction or condo litigation through 2017 as most new building construction stopped as of 2007, late 2008.  Litigation pertaining to construction defects is a normal part of the condo life cycle.  What can vary is the degree of seriousness of litigation claims and likelihood of settlement.  Any condo buyer considering a condo purchase downtown or anywhere in San Diego should ask his or herself if the SB 800 claim(s) and litigation are acceptable and within the realm of what they are comfortable with.

The biggest hurdle a condo buyer will face is financing.  Most lenders shy away from home loans on condominiums in litigation as litigation is deemed added risk.  Contact me for a list of lenders who will finance a condo in SB 800 or full litigation.  Also, home owners thinking of selling a condo in a complex in litigation should consider the fact that there are simply less buyers (you are most likely looking for a cash buyer) and property values may be impacted.


Construction litigation should always be examined on a case by case basis.  For more information or a list of condos in and that are not in litigation in Downtown San Diego, click below:


I am a San Diego Real Estate Broker – Owner – Realtor with a ton of experience in conducting transactions involving litigation on real estate purchases and sales. Working with an experienced broker can make all the difference when purchasing or for your bottom line as a condo seller.

Staging Approach Helps Downtown San Diego Condo Sellers

Home-Staging-Sample PicWe all know the feeling – the one where guests are due and you haven’t had time to clean the Downtown San Diego Condo or San Diego Home.  You shove all the…well… stuff into the back bedroom and shut the door (you’d lock it if you could).

Now imagine that feeling times 10.  If you are trying to sell your home this spring, and you have rooms full of that…well…stuff — you’re in for exactly that.

You can prevent it all with just a touch of the staging approach for your Downtown San Diego Condo.  Not everyone has $5,000 or more to spend on professional staging, but then again, you can’t offer your home in “lived in” condition and expect to have buyers racing to write you their high-priced offers.

Real estate is in large part an emotional selling proposition – beyond their basic housing requirements, buyers want to see themselves living a better life in their new Downtown San Diego Condo. The quickest and easiest way to make that possible is to simply get rid of that same stuff!

Here’s an easy example: while a messy home office – one stuffed with papers and files – will cause many potential buyers to think too cramped for me, a well-staged home office helps them imagine their own paperwork in control. To achieve a look that’s clean and simple, box up your files and clean out the dust bunnies.  If you have allowed extra furniture to accumulate (like that folding table in the corner that holds last year’s tax records), go ahead and UN-accumulate it!

Staging of any kind may not be your first choice for how to spend an afternoon, but selling your Downtown San Diego Condo is a business transaction, and when you approach the process confident that a little elbow grease will go a long way, your pocketbook will register the difference.

Do You Need A Real Estate Video Tour?

If you are, in fact, preparing for this spring’s selling season, contact me to discuss practical strategies for economically handling the repairs, remodeling, and staging that will speed the sale of your Downtown San Diego Condo.

REO Bargains Remain for Heads-Up Downtown San Diego Condo Hunters

downtown san diego condo or foreclosure propertyYes, foreclosure rates across the country continue to drop, yet Downtown San Diego Condo bargain-hunters can take heart: there still remain a decent number of bank owned properties in Downtown San Diego. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, distressed homes accounted for 24% of national December sales; a large proportion, but significantly down from the 32% of just a year ago.  Also known as “real estate owned” (or REO) properties, it is well-known that these homes can often be bought at a significant discount — frequently by as much as 16% – 17% below market.

Search Foreclosure Properties

Before anyone updates his or her Facebook status to tell the world about the millions they are about to make by ‘flipping’ Downtown San Diego Condo foreclosures, it’s good to bear in mind some key differences between buying regular homes and bank owned properties. To make an REO purchase successful, potential buyers need to plan for those special factors.

  • Count on Downtown San Diego Condo bank owned properties being more difficult to finance due to guidelines set by lenders: requirements that can prevent REO purchases from going through. Due to a property’s condition (which can sometimes be poor, even non-habitable), FHA and VA-approved buyers must gain pre-approval before submitting an offer.
  • Bank owned properties are generally sold “as-is”, often with fewer disclosure requirements. I always urge my Downtown San Diego Condo buyers to be diligent about pre-purchase inspections – and with REOs, it’s doubly important. Purchasers of bank owned properties can have little or no recourse if defects or maintenance issues are discovered later.
  • Lenders can run into additional costs when selling REOs — costs involving liens, evictions, property taxes, insurance, etc.  This motivates them to try to squeeze as high a price as possible from the transaction. In addition, banks may charge additional fees for extended closing and other services.

All of which goes to the point of how buying bank-owned properties in Downtown San Diego differs from run-of-the-mill home purchases…and why having a real estate agent well-versed in bank owned properties is so important.  If you would like a look at the options currently available among Downtown San Diego Condo REO offerings, give me a call today!

The Best Day for Listing Your Downtown San Diego Condo is…

human trying to make the right choiceMansion” is the Wall Street Journal’s entry into the high-end real estate magazine world. Well, not quite a magazine — it’s an extra section they run on Fridays. It’s a nice diversion for those who want to read about really rich people selling their properties, some in Downtown San Diego.  More than that, it could actually be an important source of information if you decide to buy a vineyard in the middle of Los Angeles (Bel-Air, actually — that one was featured last week).

It was another article that caught my eye on Friday, though; one that dealt with a topic we agents have long debated. The article was headlined “THE BEST DAY TO LIST A HOME IS…”.  It summarized an elaborately executed study by a national brokerage revealing hard statistics on which day of the week is best for launching your Downtown San Diego listing. The author, Sanette Tanaka, brought up several ways to look at the question. While her focus was, of course, national, the unspoken allure was to zero in on which day will maximize our Downtown San Diego listing results.

Tips for Selling your San Diego Condominium or Home

I bet you want to know the answer, so here it is: …(drum roll, please) —

Friday. Houses listed on Friday spent the fewest days on market (2 fewer than Thursday, 7 fewer than the most ho-hum day for listing, Sunday).

But, reading further, there is a problem. Listing on Tuesday brought in the most requests for house tours — by 8 thousandths of one percent over Thursday. For drawing house tours, Friday faded into the pack…

All of which points to something experienced Downtown San Diego agents already know: statistics are helpful, but not to the point where they detract from getting the job done.  The best day to publish a Downtown San Diego listing is as soon as it’s ready – the instant it’s ready! Buyers are constantly combing the listings, and the ideal prospect may be long gone if we hold off for any reason.  It is better to rely on solid marketing such as on of my real estate video tours and consistent advertising.

Do You Need A Real Estate Video Tour When You Sell Your Home or Condominium?

If you are ready to sell your home, let’s get your Downtown San Diego listing ready to go now!