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Me and my Video StuffShould You Be Using Video To Sell Your Real Estate?

The answer is simple.  YES!  Viewers are able to emotionally experience homes they see on video in a way that a still photo could never provide.  Still photos are just that. Still.  Usually staged, soulless, rooms of a home that cannot capture a buyer with the same power a well produced real estate video tour can.  A well crafted real estate video tour can create an emotional experience for a potential buyer far before they ever even step foot in a home.

Watch Sample Real Estate Video Tours Here

To be clear, we are NOT talking about slide shows here.  Full motion video is what is says.  Full motion that captures the flow of a home, the water that ripples in a pool, the bird that glides by on the breeze, the gentle sway of the trees and flowers across the screen, I think you get the idea.

Sellers Advantage: No more wasted tours. Potential buyers can see what your home looks like before they take their time and your valuable time for a viewing. Potential buyers that do end up touring the home are far more serious and have already taken that next emotional step of “I want this house” by the time they step in the front door.  Full video tours immerse the buyer in your home allowing them to accurately see spacing, layout, flow and room size.  If done properly, your listing will stand out.  Over 91% of real estate search’s begin online, many buyers now “expecting” video in addition to pictures.  In addition, 70% of all home buyers used video to tour the inside of homes that were for sale (Google Compete Home Shopper Survey, 2011).  In addition, 51% of all home buyers used YouTube to search for a home (Google Compete Home Shopper Survey, 2011).

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What better way to procure your buyer than a professionally produced video tour gliding thru your home showing the flow and finest features offered.  Many times a buyer will schedule a tour after a great video tour is seen.  This is a formality as they have already made the decision to purchase your property.

Why Don’t Most Agents Use Video Tours?  Unfortunately the answer is another simple one. Most agents are either not technology savvy enough to know where to start with video or they are simply too lazy.  It takes extra effort to have a video professionally shot and produced but the benefits to said agents clients are too great to ignore.  Many agents still rely on old gimmicky scripts, promises, just sticking a sign in your front yard, entering a bland listing on MLS, or an ad in the local paper all the while missing out on a HUGE number of potential buyers.  Those days are gone, technology and the future is here to stay.

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