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North Park is an incredibly popular neighborhood in San Diego characterized craft cocktail dens, beer bars, art galleries, alternative boutiques and progressive restaurants. The neighborhoods are a diverse mix of craftsman style homes, small multi-unit condominiums, town homes, and some Victorian style abodes. It is situated to the northeast of Balboa Park, and bounded on the north by University Heights University Heights along Lincoln Avenue, on the west by Florida Canyon, University Heights and Hillcrest, and on the south by Switzer Canyon and the South Park neighborhood, on the east by Interstate 805 and City Heights. The pre-Interstate 805 boundary of North Park was widely considered to be 35th Street, which is now part of City Heights. The Iconic North Park sign is located at 30th Street and University Avenue, and this intersection is the heart of the neighborhood. North Park includes the sub neighborhoods of Burlingame, Altadena, and the Morley Field area (site of the Dryden Historic District). North Park is part of the 53rd congressional district, and San Diego City Council District 3.


Normal Heights is characterized by single family homes along the Mission Valley ridge north of Adams Avenue, high-density, and multi-resident lots south of Adams. It Is similar to its neighbor North Park in many ways. Normal Heights is San Diego at its most diverse. Families and students, immigrants and natives all occupy this mid-city neighborhood. It can be noisy, dense and sketchy sometimes, but it’s always interesting. Most residents “love” living in Normal Heights. Prices are slightly more affordable than North Park but that is projected to change in the next couple years. Normal Heights is located between Interstates 805 and 15 and bordered by Mission Valley to the North and El Cajon Boulevard to the South. The main business district is Adams Avenue. The “Normal” part of “Normal Heights” refers to the State Normal School (teachers college), the predecessor to San Diego State University; the normal school was located in the adjacent University Heights neighborhood and founded in 1899.


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