How I film a high quality (HD) real estate video tour

In this video, I show you how I film / shoot my high definition real estate video tours. I go over the equipment I use, the shots and angles I try to obtain, and I drop in some useful tips and tricks throughout the video.

Link to finished video tour:

I hope you enjoy the video. Making video is still a learning process for myself but my skills continue to improve. Contact me with any questions about the video.

List of Equipment Used:

1) Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera and DIGIC 4 Imaging with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens
2) Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM SLR Lens
3) Adorama Dedicated Lens Hood for Canon 16-35mm, 20-35mm, 17-35mm, 17-40mm & 10-22mm Lenses
4) Fancierstudio Professional Video Camera Tripod FC-270 Pro Video Camera Tripod with Fluid Head By Fancierstudio FC-270
5) Fancierstudio Camera Track Slider Camera Silder Video Slider 40″ With Ball-Bearing Slide Mechanism By fancierstudio JS40
6) DMKFoto Heavy Duty Ball Head with Quick Release Plate

Thank you for watching!

Wesley Guest

Day in the life of Downtown San Diego Real Estate Agent Wesley Guest

What is a typical day really like in real estate? I thought I’d spend the day with you and show you my typical day as a busy real estate agent in San Diego. I start off by leaving my office in Downtown San Diego and visiting my listing in Torrey Highlands (1:06) and then a quick trip south to Pacific Beach to visit my Riviera Drive listing for sale (3:35). After that, a quick, lunch break (6:19), meet up with the dogs (5:25), and some late afternoon calls / prospecting (6:40).

Real estate is a great job but it’s really nothing like what many TV shows are produced to be such as Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing. I think HGTV’s Hunters is more realistic but still not a great view into a typical day for a real estate agent.

A Walk Through Petco Park in Downtown San Diego

Pictures do tell a thousand words. I spent yesterday afternoon at one of Downtown San Diego’s most popular attractions and home to the San Diego Padres, Petco Park. The Padres were playing away so it was an especially good opportunity to take a few superb pictures to share with everyone. As residents of East Village and Downtown San Diego, we are so lucky to have a Major League Baseball team in town to cheer on and enjoy the baseball season. Padre games are a huge bonus for Downtown residents and visitors. I highly recommend checking out a game. For seat recommendations or which days to go, contact me. I know the ball park and season inside and out.

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Enjoy the images

Petco-Park-Ballast-Point-May-2015 Petco-Park-Ballast-Point-May-2015 Petco-Park-Bar-Basic-May-2015 Petco-Park-Bar-Basic-May-2015 Petco-Park-Center-Field-and-Western-Sheet-Metal-Building-May-2015 Petco-Park-Center-Field-and-Western-Sheet-Metal-Building-May-2015 Petco-Park-Childrens-Playpark-Close-Up-May-2015 Petco-Park-Childrens-Playpark-Close-Up-May-2015 Petco-Park-Childrens-Playpark-May-2015 Petco-Park-Childrens-Playpark-May-2015 Petco-Park-Close-Up-Home-Plate-May-2015 Petco-Park-Close-Up-Home-Plate-May-2015 Petco-Park-Derek-Norris-Banner-Gaslamp-May-2015 Petco-Park-Derek-Norris-Banner-Gaslamp-May-2015 Petco-Park-East-Side-Close-Up-Stadium-May-2015 Petco-Park-East-Side-Close-Up-Stadium-May-2015 Petco-Park-East-Side-Entrance-Stadium-May-2015 Petco-Park-East-Side-Entrance-Stadium-May-2015 Petco-Park-East-Side-Stadium-May-2015 Petco-Park-East-Side-Stadium-May-2015 Petco-Park-Full-Stadium-and-Tony-Gwynn-May-2015 Petco-Park-Full-Stadium-and-Tony-Gwynn-May-2015 Petco-Park-Full-Stadium-View-May-2015-Opt Petco-Park-Full-Stadium-View-May-2015-Opt Petco-Park-Jerry-Coleman-May-2015 Petco-Park-Jerry-Coleman-May-2015 Petco-Park-Jerry-Hodads-May-2015 Petco-Park-Jerry-Hodads-May-2015 Petco-Park-Kiddie-Ball-Park-May-2015 Petco-Park-Kiddie-Ball-Park-May-2015 Petco-Park-Looking-Out-to-Fox-and-Tony-Gwynn-May-2015 Petco-Park-Looking-Out-to-Fox-and-Tony-Gwynn-May-2015 Petco-Park-Main-Billboard-Padres-Players-May-2015 Petco-Park-Main-Billboard-Padres-Players-May-2015 Petco-Park-Main-Billboard-with-Padres-Players-Western-Sheet-Metal-Co-May-2015 Petco-Park-Main-Billboard-with-Padres-Players-Western-Sheet-Metal-Co-May-2015 Petco-Park-Mighty-1090-and-Ballast-Point-May-2015 Petco-Park-Mighty-1090-and-Ballast-Point-May-2015 Petco-Park-Mighty-1090-May-2015 Petco-Park-Mighty-1090-May-2015 Petco-Park-Moonshine-Flats-Lunch-Counter-Cats-Eye-Blind-Burro-May-2015 Petco-Park-Moonshine-Flats-Lunch-Counter-Cats-Eye-Blind-Burro-May-2015 Petco-Park-New-Sempra-Energy-Building-May-2015 Petco-Park-New-Sempra-Energy-Building-May-2015 Petco-Park-Omni-Hotel-May-2015 Petco-Park-Omni-Hotel-May-2015 Petco-Park-Outfield-Home-Plate-May-2015 Petco-Park-Outfield-Home-Plate-May-2015 Petco-Park-Park-and-Pet-Area-May-2015 Petco-Park-Park-and-Pet-Area-May-2015 Petco-Park-Playground-to-Legend-May-2015 Petco-Park-Playground-to-Legend-May-2015 Petco-Park-Sand-Box-Seats-Building-May-2015 Petco-Park-Sand-Box-Seats-Building-May-2015 Petco-Park-Showley-Sweet-Factory-and-Bumble-Bee-Seafoods-May-2015 Petco-Park-Showley-Sweet-Factory-and-Bumble-Bee-Seafoods-May-2015 Petco-Park-Showley-Sweet-Factory-May-2015 Petco-Park-Showley-Sweet-Factory-May-2015 Petco-Park-Side-Parking-West-Side-May-2015 Petco-Park-Side-Parking-West-Side-May-2015 Petco-Park-Social-Brew-May-2015 Petco-Park-Social-Brew-May-2015 Petco-Park-Stone-Brew-and-Rare-Form-Entrance-May-2015 Petco-Park-Stone-Brew-and-Rare-Form-Entrance-May-2015 Petco-Park-Stone-Brew-and-Rare-Form-May-2015 Petco-Park-Stone-Brew-and-Rare-Form-May-2015 Petco-Park-Toast-Comun-May-2015 Petco-Park-Toast-Comun-May-2015 Petco-Park-Toyota-Terrace-Hodads-May-2015 Petco-Park-Toyota-Terrace-Hodads-May-2015 Petco-Park-Toyota-Terrace-May-2015-Opt Petco-Park-Toyota-Terrace-May-2015-Opt Petco-Park-View-to-Legend-and-Stadium-May-2015 Petco-Park-View-to-Legend-and-Stadium-May-2015 Petco-Park-View-to-Legend-May-2015 Petco-Park-View-to-Legend-May-2015 Petco-Park-West-Facing-Player-Sign-Shields-May-2015 Petco-Park-West-Facing-Player-Sign-Shields-May-2015 Petco-Park-West-View-May-2015-Opt Petco-Park-West-View-May-2015-Opt Petco-Park-Western-Sheet-Metal-Building-May-2015 Petco-Park-Western-Sheet-Metal-Building-May-2015 Petco-Park-Western-Sheet-Metal-Co-Back-and-Ticket-Windows-May-2015 Petco-Park-Western-Sheet-Metal-Co-Back-and-Ticket-Windows-May-2015 Tilted-Kilt-May-2015 Tilted-Kilt-May-2015 Tony-Gwynn-Mr.-Padre-May-2015-Opt Tony-Gwynn-Mr.-Padre-May-2015-Opt Urbana-Close-Up-May-2015 Urbana-Close-Up-May-2015

Downtown San Diego Real Estate Market Report April 2014


We actually have a decent selection of real estate for sale in the Downtown San Diego for mid April 2014.  Based on the close of March 2014, Downtown is in a “normal real estate market” but we are starting to see signs of  shift back to a “seller’s real estate market” as inventory is declining and the number of sales continues to rise.

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The most exciting news to report is the median sales price.  We have not seen a number as high as $523,750 since 2008!  Some statistics to note for the Downtown San Diego real estate market below:

  • Median Price:  $523,750… Haven’t had a median number that high since 2008!
  • Active Market Time to Sell a Downtown Condo:  20-30 days.
  • Total Sales March 2014: 64 Sales.
  • Currently 271 Active Listings for Sale.

Do you agree?  Disagree?  Please feel free to “speak your mind” using the form below:

Downtown San Diego Real Estate Market for December 2013:

Downtown San Diego Real Estate Market Report for December 2013:

The average price and median price for December 2013 are both still up in the double digits.  We are primarily interested in the median price as it eliminates any major outliers but it is interesting to compare it versus the average price which came in very strong as well.  Also, the 12 month median price trend depicted in the graph below is very promising.

  • Median Sales Price: $447,500 +15.1%
  • Average Sales Price:  $520,299 +13.6%

The median amount of days on market is relatively low at 36 days.  The average is 65 days but this figure is severely skewed by several short sales that have been hanging around for years. The median is much more applicable and realistic for this report.  Sellers can expect to be on market for around 36 days when selling their Downtown San Diego Real Estate / Condos (Even less time if you price your condo right and use a real estate video tour to market the property).

  • Median Days on Market: 36 Days +5.5%
  • Average Days on Market: 56 Days +13.6%

The market is a Normal Market.  There are currently 257 actively listed properties in the 92101 zip code.  If we divide that total by the number of total sales last month at 47 sales, we get 5.47 (5.47 month’s worth of real estate inventory).  This means it would take 5.5 months to sell the current inventory available for sale.  Anything between 3-6 months is generally accepted as a balanced or normal real estate market.

  • 257 Active Listings for Sale as of 12/2/2013.
  • 57 Total Sales last month.
  • 4.5 Month’s Inventory (257 Active Listings / 57 Sales) Normal Market

Breakdown by Neighborhood for December 2013:

Summary:  The holiday season is here and it is showing in the market data.  The 47 sales for the month is the lowest number of sales we have seen in the Downtown San Diego real estate market since 2008.  I wouldn’t read too much into it.  January 2014 could bring another real estate run, maybe similar to what we saw for 2013.  Real estate prices continue to climb as more inventory becomes available for sale.

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Questions? Comments? Please send them my way!

M2i in East Village is Approved for FHA Financing in Downtown San Diego

M2i in East Village is Approved for FHA Financing in Downtown San Diego!

If you have been searching for a condo in Downtown San Diego and have been planning to use FHA financing, you probably already know your choices can feel limited.  Well I have some very welcome news to report:  The incredibly popular M2i building in East Village is now fully approved for FHA financing.  This is very good news.  No, this is fantastic news!

side view of M2i on downtown san diego


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M2i is squeaky clean for financing.  Owner occupancy is well over 51%, there is no HOA construction litigation, and it is just one of the best options available near the ball park.  Amenities include a fitness center, two independent entrances, a top floor community area including barbeque and sink, and security.  The decor of the building is modern with a splash of contemporary.  Very popular with East Village residents.

A little bit about FHA financing:

  • FHA financing can be more forgiving on credit scores than conventional financing.
  • FHA loans require low down payments (3.5% in many cases).
  • FHA loans are assumable by future condo buyers.
  • A attached (condominiums and town homes) real estate must be approved for FHA financing is FHA financing is used.

M2i makes a great complex to live in full time or works just as well as an investment property that cash flows even with financing.  HOA monthly fees are reasonable.  Considering purchasing a condo in Downtown San Diego?  Add M2i to your list of candidates, you will not be disappointed.

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Questions?  Comments?  Send them my way anytime.


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Foreclosure Opportunity at Alta in Downtown San Diego

Foreclosure Opportunity at Alta in the East Village neighborhood of Downtown San Diego:

A bank owned condo just listed for sale at Alta in East Village.  We don’t see that many foreclosures properties anymore.  What really makes this especially interesting is the fact it is a Fannie Mae Homepath sale.

Fannie Mae Financing is Very Attractive, Features Are:

  • They only require a 3.5% down payment (10% for investment properties),
  • They do not require an appraisal,
  • They do not require a home owner’s association certification.

These unique characteristics eliminate many of the typical financing problems “would be” condo buyers face when purchasing property in the Downtown San Diego Real Estate market such as:

  • Low owner occupancy rates,
  • Delinquent home owners dues,
  • Construction litigation issues,
  • And other items that usually disable regular home loans and financing.

Due diligence is still highly recommended.

Quick Link To Unit #507 at ALTA (Log In is your Email Address)

A little bit about Alta:  Alta is located on the border of East Village and the Gaslamp Quarter.  A very convenient to all including Petco Park, the restaurants and nightlife on fifth avenue, shops, galleries, the convention center, and everything else Downtown San Diego has to offer.  Amenities at Alta include a full size fitness center, pool, spa, security, maintenance, a several large community areas to socialize and relax.

Please visit this link (Log in is your email address) for more information on this particular fifth floor condo for sale at Alta including price, square footage, and pictures.

Quick details:  It is a one bedroom with a balcony, marble counters in the kitchen and bathroom, and wood floors.

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Interested in more information or a viewing?  Contact me anytime at the phone number in the top right hand corner of this page or please send me email.


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Downtown San Diego Real Estate: Electra in The Columbia District

Downtown San Diego Real Estate: ELECTRA in The Columbia District

Bosa Development completed construction on Electra in 2007 and is Downtown San Diego’s highest residential tower with 43 stories. Some of the best views in the entire city can be found in this incredibly desirable luxury high rise.  An distinct feature to Electra is the bottom of the building has the historic San Diego Gas and Electric building incorporated. 

Amenities include a fitness center, pool, spa, huge common grounds with green belt and barbeques, 24 hours security, a concierge,  and the most elegant main lobby found when searching Downtown San Diego Real Estate

Click here to see a quick profile and all units for sale at Electra.  Map and neighborhood information located below just below the profile picture.

All Downtown San Diego Real Estate for Sale

Please contact me for a private showing at one of The Columbia District’s finest high rises in Electra.

Electra in Downtown San Diego 92101














Downtown San Diego Real Estate Market for October 2013

The Downtown San Diego Real Estate Market for October 2013:  Big changes for October 2013 in Downtown San Diego.  We have officially entered a “Normal” or “Balanced” Market.  If you take the current amount of Downtown San Diego condos for sale and divide it by the number of sales published on MLS (Multiple Listing Service) for September 2013, you come up with a figure of 4 or 4 months.  This means it would take 4 months to sell the current condo inventory available in Downtown San Diego.  Anything in the 4 – 6 month range is usually considered a balanced or normal market.  Anything less is considered a sellers market and anything more is considered a buyers market.  Please review the Downtown San Diego real estate market information below:

Downtown San Diego Real Estate Market Report for October 2013:

  • 253 Active Listings for Sale as of October 9th, 2013
  • Average Days on Market to Sell: 47 Days (October 2012 was 83 Days)
  • 65 Total Sales for October 2013 (October 2012 had 65 Total Sales)
  • Median Sales Price for October 2013: $502,500 (October 2012 was $380,000) ▲ 24%
  • 4 Month’s Inventory (253 Active Listings / 62 Sales) Normal Market
  • Highest sale Pics & Video: Bayside, 34th floor, 2 Bed for $2,875,000
  • Lowest sale Pics & Video: Element, 7th floor, Loft for $175,000
  • Most Expensive Current Listing, Pics & Video: Harbor Club, $9.975M
  • Least Expensive Current Listing, Pics & Video: Park Terrace, $220,000

Breakdown by Neighborhood for October 2013:

Summary:  It is absolutely wonderful to see the market enter its current state.  Downtown San Diego real estate has endured a wild-a-ride as any in the entire San Diego County real estate market.  We  have seen the foreclosure market come and go, the rush for short sales come and go, the exit and re-entry of financing for many of the Downtown San Diego buildings, and of course the return of positive equity for many real estate owners in Downtown San Diego.  All very welcome and healthy news for now and the future in the Downtown San Diego real estate market.

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Been frustrated running into multiple offers and unable to procure yourself a piece of the Downtown San Diego real estate market?  Things have changed and let the negotiations begin!  Been thinking of selling your condo in Downtown San Diego?  It’s not too late as demand is still very strong and prices are steadily increasing.

Questions? Comments? Please send them my way!

Downtown San Diego Real Estate: Bosa Development Set to Build Condos Again

Downtown San Diego Real Estate:  Bosa Development Set to Build Condos Again.

New Bosa Development Building in Downtown San Diego

Aerial View to the West

Bosa Development is getting set to break ground in the first half of next year on their latest luxury high rise project.  Current plans call for the location to be along the waterfront along Pacific Coast Highway near Electra and Park Place.  Details are still being released but the latest information indicates the building to be 41 stories high, 221 units, and price points starting in the low $700,000’s.  Completion date is set for 2016.  In addition, Bosa is also planning to break ground on yet another new luxury high rise in 2015.

Downtown San Diego Real Estate for Sale

The Downtown San Diego Real Estate market has not seen any new residential construction since 2009.  From 2001 through 2009, builders finished nearly 8,300 units.  Our generations “Great Recession” essentially “hit the skids” hard on condominium construction in the entire Downtown San Diego area.  Most projects were abandoned or converted to rentals. The only construction currently happening is mainly located in East Village and Little Italy(all large scale rental apartments and commercial units).  Oh how a couple years can change Downtown San Diego Real Estate market scene

Along with much of the country, Downtown San Diego real estate has been enjoying a massive recovery on demand and real estate prices.  Since hitting rock bottom 2 years ago, values have sky rocketed.  Long gone are the days of vacant condos and massive selection of foreclosure properties.  Simply put, there is no shortage of condo buyers seeking prime real estate in Downtown San Diego.

Downtown San Diego Real Estate Market Report

New Bosa Building Next to Electra

Incredible Skyline View

Judging by Bosa Development’s previous projects in Downtown San Diego and the projected starting points for price, these two new luxury high rises should be incredible additions to the Downtown San Diego real estate market.

Please check back soon as more details become available.  This will be one of the most luxurious and in demand projects Downtown San Diego has ever seen.



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