Downtown San Diego Condos in Litigation

Condo litigation is a normal part of the condo life cycle. This is a list of condos in either SB 800 (pre litigation) developer “Right to Repair” status or full HOA filed condo litigation in Downtown San Diego. For more information on what condo litigation is and it’s potential effects, please watch my quick video blog. Condo litigation can make lending more difficult if not impossible in some cases. If you are purchasing a Downtown San Diego condo without a home loan, the choice to purchase is yours. All litigation can be different in scope and cost, I encourage you to fully investigate any and all litigation thoroughly.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Can I buy a condo in SB 800 (pre-litigation process) or construction defect litigation? Yes, but it must either be a cash purchase or your lender must be a very specialized lender able to finance the building in question. Very few lenders are able to finance condo’s in litigation.  Litigation is typically viewed as additional risk.  So what do you do?  We have an exclusive list of lenders that are experienced in financing condos or buildings in San Diego with litigation.  This exclusive list is only provided to Wesley Tyler Real Estate Group Clients.  Interested in a building that is in litigation and need financing?  Please Contact Us to see if we might be a real estate match!  As a client, you will receive this complimentary lender list as part of your Wesley Tyler Real Estate Group client package.  Interviewing Real Estate Agents?  Please visit our extensive collection of written reviews and reviews on video to get an idea of what a Wesley Tyler Real Estate Group experience is like.
  2. Is all Downtown San Diego condo litigation the same? Absolutely not. Each one differs greatly. Investigate any and all litigation thoroughly.  Then decide if you are comfortable or not comfortable proceeding with your real estate purchase.
  3. How long does litigation take? Once the lawsuit is filed, 1.5 years to 3 years is usually the time frame for resolution. However, each lawsuit is different.
  4. Does litigation affect property values?  Yes, or should we say usually.  An approximate estimate is a 5% – 7% drop in valuations versus similar properties not in litigation.

*We are not a law firm and we are not acting as your attorney.  This is a general service that provides information available to the public in an organized manner over the Internet. Users of this web site information should consult with their own lawyer for legal advice.  The information contained on this site is general information available to the public and should not be construed as legal advice to be applied to any specific factual situation. 

This list is updated as quickly as information is known. Litigation status for Downtown San Diego Condos on this list may change before updates have been made. Please contact Wesley Guest at the Wesley Tyler Real Estate Group with any questions.

Last Update: 08/16/2018

Building Name Address Neighborhood
Smart Corner 1080 Park Blvd. East Village
Fahrenheit 1025 Island Ave. East Village


Condos and Buildings below had litigation but settled. Contact me for detailed information, status on litigating buildings can change in a flash.